On Demand
Strategy meets action.

Outbound marketing always very expensive with low ROI, But Inbound digital marketing works when strategy meets on-demand.

Real-Time Marketing

Don’t just pay for visitor in your website, convert them into leads, engage with them right time with right information without any click.

Increase your sell

Attract  your visitor with real-time engagement to reach your goals for leads to increase sales & conversion rate.

Digital Marketing Agency or Marketer’s

Can you answer 5W’s?

Either your are Digital Marketing Agency or Professional Marketer’s if you don’t know importance of Where, Who, What, Why and When for  your contacts, you are not taking full advantage of your digital marketing.

Where they came from?

As a digital marketers, you may advertising in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or many other web channels & Marketplace in Bangladesh. In each industry you may running different or same campaign for promote your products and services.

If so? Do you really know, which campaign drive sells to generate business revenue.

So if you don’t know who came from where, and which campaign performing better for generate revenue, How do you really know which marketing channel you going to use near future for increase Return on Investment.

Grameen365 Marketing Automation Software, can track every single visitor in your website with details information.

Who are those contacts?

Even when you running targeted campaign  in any advertising platform, you still don’t  know who exactly are those visitor.

Google analytics give you some insights for develop your marketing strategy and Facebook show your audience data without any option for future engagement . To marketer’s its not helpful until they have full control over it for future engagement.

Grameen365 On Demand Marketing Automation Software, can easily track and create dynamic segment. Who are those contacts and where they came from as soon as they act your first marketing strategy.

What are they doing?

So now we know where they came from and who are those contacts. But do you really know Mr A from Dhaka and Mrs B from Chittagong and many others which products or service they are looking from your website?

How about a Scenario?
You have eCommerce website and you are selling Sharee & Panjabi. May be Mr A from Dhaka looking for Sharee for his wife and Mrs B from Chittagong looking for Panjabi for her son.

Don’t you think its going to amazing if you can send an email to Mr A (if he don’t purchase product in 30 min) Buy your favorite sharee  now and get 10% discount for limited time  and Mrs B, Get your Panjabi now with free shipping in Chittagong.

This 2 email have very high chance to convert this 2 lead into customer because of real time engagement with with right information without any click from your sales team.

Grameen365: On Demand Marketing Automation Software, can easily track who is looking for what and engage with them automatically when strategy meets on demand.

Why they came to you?

If you don’t  know where they came from, who are those contacts and what they looking for, How do you know? Why they might want to visit your website again.

Traditional digital marketing: Sending mass mail, sms or blindly sales call does not work anymore. In physical world, If you want to buy  Sharee and if salesman just pushing you to sell his T-shirt; would not you be so annoying as customer.

Grameen365: On Demand Marketing Automation Software can help you to automate  real time communication with right information for increase your Up-sell and Cross-selling for existing leads and customers.

When you going to engage with your existing leads or customer?

So now you have lots of data. Where they came from, Who are they, What they looking for and Why they re-visit your website.  With all these valuable data you can develop your marketing strategy for re-marketing with your contacts to turn one time customer to a life time buyer.

Grameen365: On Demand Marketing Automation Software can automatically switch your contacts from one campaign to another campaign based on your leads and contacts interests or activities in your website.

Want to see in action, how strategy meets on-demand? Click here for request a demo online.


Grameen 365, software as service (SaaS) is cloud based digital marketing automation software help you deliver an outstanding experience for your customers. From brand awareness and demand generation, to retention and loyalty, our technology enables marketers to stand out from the competition and drive better results.
Grameen 365: Digital Marketing Automation Software

Contact Management

Track your leads or contacts without any effort  to nurture leads into customers.

Marketing Channel

Send personalize email, sms or web to push notification to your leads or mass email marketing with no sending limits.

Drag & Drop Drip CAmpaigns

Create unlimited campaign and define workflow using drab and drop visual interface for warmup clod leads for sales team.

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Social Media Marketing

Know your target audience and interact directly to build your lead for marketing campaign.

Form & Landing Page

Create and manage unlimited form and landing page for capture leads directly from your website for tracking all activities.

Web to Push Notification

Push notifications allow you to send automatic notification like Facebook, Google or Apple for better engagement.

Online Marketing? 17 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation Software

If you’re considering marketing automation for your company, it’s important to have a good understanding and what the key benefits from Grameen365 on demand marketing automation software.

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Why 365?

Grameen 365 can save your time, money, increase online sell and team productivity.
Global reach
Global reach Global Reach
Best Prices
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Team Strength
Ondemand Automation Team Strength

In Bangladesh or Globally

Growing internet business in Bangladesh or around the world should not be hard using Grameen365 marketing automation software.

Grameen365 can listen to your audience, track there activities and trigger work follow for any purpose of your business.

  • Manage marketing campaign and workflow.
  • Generate potential leads or contacts.
  • Score & prioritize your contacts.
  • Nurture leads into customers
  • Dynamic segment.
  • Increase Up-sell and Cross-sell.

Grameen 365 Integrations

Grameen 365 is very powerful and scalable on demands marketing automation tools for internet  based business, But  Its not end here, We can do more magic with our software using worlds best service integration.